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I am just finishing a new very short puppet sketch about a professor who has discovered a new planet. He has developed a new space rocket and new type of fuel made out of sugar, butter and stuff. The count down is on the last minute but things keep going wrong and he has to keep stopping it. eventually at the last second the top half of the rocket falls off, the bottom half falls farward and and shoots sweets over the audience. Has any one any suggestions on how to make the rocket fall in bits. and the bottom half tilt forward to about 60 degrees.

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How big is the rocket? and how is it placed in relation to the audience?
Hi augusto

The rocket stands about 1.5 m and is approx 10 cm diamiter. the audience is approx 3 metres away the sweets will be shoot out be compresed air using a party confetti cannon The sweets will be coloured sugar coated puffed rice.



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