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As many of you know, we can find masks in many cultures in some moment of their history, but there are some cultures that have never used masks. I wonder which are those and why hasn't mask been a part of their history. Some of them have a long puppetry tradition but not a mask tradition.

Anyone who knows or have some thought about it?

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Indeed, one of these culture did not used masks, the Turks. Before Ottoman, used widely and wise ways. Shaman was a living way of our lifes in Anatolia. Even there are not many books about masks and Turks. . . Mainly it was the religion reason that even art was not supported by the Pashas & Sultans. Strange, all the neighbours used masks even Iran, Georgia, Syria but mostly Greeks. . . Even today not so much mask is used in our culture, only at theatres. Although having said that, we have a mask museum in Izmir. The third biggest city of Turkey.

What I find strange is that the Turquish culture has a long and living tradition of puppetry, with Karagoz. Masks are very near puppetry, wonder why religion alowed puppets but not masks.

Puppetry was not allowed also. There is only Karagoz & Hacivat back in our culture but none to second during Ottoman period. These characters believed to lived in Bursa, back in the history. It was their stories told to many people. I dont know any other puppetry apart from them. Also masks was not used because of the religion of Ottomans and Turks. No festivals with masks. No dance with mask. Not a way of living or any entartainment. Anyhow i have been doing a research about Masks & Turks.


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