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We have had a lot of problems selling our performances but we had a good year nevertheless.
We participated in a mask festival in Danmark with our play "Fröet" and had a great time meeting other people working with masks and seeing their work. We lost one member but got a new one directly. At the moment we have 3 plays and several projects for 2010. One of them is organising a puppetry workshop for children, another project is our big Festival in october celebrating our 25 years of existence. Apart from that we have a Commedia play in mind and 2 new puppetry plays. So, no lack in ideas and creativity, the problem is selling, we have accepted that any of us in the group are good at selling so we are looking after someone who would like to take that job. We survive and never give up even if the situation in Sweden is very dificult at the moment for all people working with culture. I know we are not alone in this. Let's hope for better times.

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