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Over the years of developing his practice Jonathan Hayter has worked with a number of artists and performers , including musicians and other puppeteers . All of these working relationships have shaped and been distilled into the work he has on offer here as a solo performer;The performances combine multimedia techniques with the ancient art of shadow puppetry…

In 1999 Musician Jim Mortimore composed a special soundtrack for a shadow puppet show that I developed as a multiscreen experience with other performers ….The brief I gave Jim for the soundscore was based on the journey of `individuation` from darkness to light as experienced through the imagery and iconography of the Hindu faith. Whether it was Jim`s previous work on the soundtrack of the original `Dr who` Cd`s – but the resulting work is a thunderous composition that mixes layers of light and dark in a complete audio visual experience. Leading its audience from the cradle of creation to the breadth of light personified by the imagery of the mother Goddess herself `Light !` is a piece that provokes reaction in those that see it!
Here performed as a solo show Master puppeteer Jonathan Hayter brings to life this journey once again for new audiences . Witness the unfolding imagery of Gods and Demons that personify the inner worlds of transformation that becomes`Light!`
A tranquil background for improvised storytelling skills of Jonathan Hayter `Shakti` uses the format similar to `Light!` Indian shadow –puppets imagery and Indian music to introduce stories and themes based around the creation myths of the Indian sub continent . Using traditional shamanic techniques of the `Dalang` or puppeteer Jonathan invokes the spirit of the Gods to tell wonderful uplifting tales of the archetypal battles between good and evil , and the fight for mastery over creation!

Both shows last approximately 30 minutes or more each , require blackout.
To make a booking for any of these performances please contact Jonathan Tel 01209 200 843

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